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Crypto and online privacy are two of the most pressing issues in today's world. I help people get knowledge about these topics so they can make informed decisions for themselves, their families' well being or even business ventures when it comes down to investing money!

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I don't know much about bitcoin, but I am willing to listen and learn if people are willing to show me. The 8bit Sumo article on bitcoin was perfect for me. It was written in an approachable way and really made sense of a lot of things that were confusing before.

Paul Simmons

I started researching how to find out if my phone was hacked recently and found 8bit Sumo's guide. The funny thing is, I had also read about it on Reddit a few days before and didn't think anything of it. It's a really great guide with a lot of useful information and I highly recommend checking it out!


I'm an digital marketer and I've used a lot of services for email delivery, but 8bit Sumo's guide has been the best. It has a really intuitive interface and makes it extremely simple to find the best servers for your needs. I highly recommend it.

Mary Jones

I want to share my first-hand experience with 8bit Sumo's guide. I've been in the cryptocurrency market for a couple of years now but just recently got into privacy coins. 8bit Sumo's guide has helped me tremendously in educating myself on this new market, the terminology, and all the best privacy coins to look out for. 


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Hwang Nguyen is the founder of 8bitSumo, a blog devoted to tips and tricks for better online privacy and security. In his articles, he covers everything from security tips to product reviews and cryptocurrency knowledge. Hwang is passionate about helping others protect their data and stay safe online, and he enjoys sharing her knowledge with his readers.

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