How to Tell If Someone is Hacking Your Computer: 12 Signs to Uncover Hackers

How to Tell If Someone is Hacking Your Computer

Quick Navigation How can a hacker get access to a computer/laptop?#1 Emails, containing malicious software.#2 Phishing emails#3 Vulnerabilities in the software#4 Public Wi-Fi#5 Injecting malware into data transmissions#6 Infected ads#7 Free softwareWhat do you need to protect your computer from hackers?​12 ​S​​​​igns ​How to ​Tell if ​Someone is ​Hacking ​Your ​Computer…#1 Antivirus program is turned […]

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How to find out if your phone is hacked: 15 signs to spot hackers

How to find out if your phone is hacked

Quick Navigation How does a hacker hack your phone?1. Someone takes possession of your mobile2. Public​ Wi-Fi3. Vulnerability in the phone network4. Phishing messages5. USB chargersWhat do you need to protect your phone?#1 Look for strange apps#2 Apps that aren’t working properly#3 Battery drains quickly#4 Slow performance#5 Hot phone#6 Strange phone behavior#7 Calls from unknown […]

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The Five Best Torrent Clients

best torrent clients

Quick Navigation What’s a torrent client?Are torrent clients illegal?Are torrent clients free? #1​ qBittorrent#2 Deluge#3 Vuze#4 Transmission #5 μTorrent Can you imagine waiting an hour or more to download a movie? No, right? Well, that’s because we have the BitTorrent protocol which made it possible to share large files between Internet users fast and easy. […]

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The 5 Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

Quick Navigation Are torrents illegal?Should I use VPN for torrenting?What’s the difference between private and public trackers?​Top 5 Torrent Sites#1 The Pirate Bay#2 RARBG#3 1337X#4 YTS#5 Zooqle Torrents have been around for a while, and currently, torrent trackers are more popular than ever. During the years, many trackers appeared, gained a trusted community and then […]

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2018’s 5 Best hardware wallets

Best hardware wallets for bitcoin

Quick Navigation What’s a Bitcoin wallet?Why do you need a wallet? Types of wallets and their pros and cons#1 Ledger Nano S#2 Trezor#3 KeepKey#4 BitLox#5 CoolBitXMy recommendation Looking back at 2017, it’s been a good year for digital currencies. Just take a look at the rising price of Bitcoin and all the new shiny digital altcoins, […]

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What is Ripple?

What is Ripple? How does Ripple work

Everyone knows about Bitcoin these days and wants to buy and trade it. However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. So, today we’re going to talk about another currency which appeared in the spotlight recently. That’s Ripple, whose value spiked after Japan and South Korean announced that they are thinking about adopting the Ripple protocol. […]

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