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The Best Way to Sell Ethereum: A Guide for Beginners

Ethereum is a popular digital coin that has been doing well over the last few years. Many investors confirm that Ethereum is a big threat to Bitcoin, which has dominated the crypto world since its inception. Today, this digital coin is not only fetching a cool profit for the investors, but it is also making […]

Cryptocurrencies and Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

The easiest and most dangerous thing you can do in the world of crypto-trading is to take cybersecurity for granted. Make one fatal mistake, and you could find yourself losing the entirety of your money that you’re keeping in the form of Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency. The problem is, if you don’t know the risks, […]

What is Zero-Knowledge Proof?

Quick Navigation 1. What is zero-knowledge proof?2. How does zero-knowledge proof works?3. What are interactive and non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs?4. What are the possible applications of zero-knowledge proof?5. What are the cons of the zero-knowledge proof? Everybody cares about protecting the user’s information these days, especially since the European Union passed its GDPR. Websites ask for […]

What is IPFS?

Quick Navigation #1. What does IPFS stand for?#1.1. What are communication protocols? #1.2. Why the client-server model is not attractive anymore? #2. How does IPFS work?#2.1. How does content-based addressing function? #2.2. How does IPFS store files?#2.3. What is IPFS drawback?#3. What are the possible applications of IPFS? Can you imagine what your life would be without access […]

Proof-of-stake vs. Proof-of-work

Quick Navigation#1. What’s the history behind the algorithm?#2. How does the proof-of-work algorithm work?#3. How does proof-of-stake work?#4. Purpose of PoW and PoS algorithms#5. Proof of stake vs. Proof of workI imagine that there are a few people who haven’t heard about Bitcoin and the miners who labor to mine new bitcoins. But few of […]

What are ERC20 Tokens?

Quick Navigation #1. What’s Ethereum?#2. Ether vs. tokens#3. What are ERC20 tokens?#4. Is it necessary to use ERC20 protocol?#5. How to create ERC2O tokens? To somebody who encounters cryptocurrencies for the first time, it might be difficult to grasp some concepts. Blockchains, Bitcoins, smart contracts, DAPPs, these terms sound strange the first time you hear […]

What are Smart Contracts?

Quick Navigation #1 History of smart contracts#2 What are smart contracts?#3 What are the benefits of smart contracts?#3.1 Lack of intermediary#3.2 Immutable#3.3 Distribution#3.4 Back-up#3.5 Safety#3.6 Time-saving#4 Where can you process smart contracts?#5 What are the possible applications of smart contracts?#5.1 Government#5.2 Business#5.3 Healthcare#6 What are the potential problems with smart contracts? Cryptocurrencies are developing so […]

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