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What is Cardano (ADA) and How It Works?

Quick Navigation What’s Cardano?Structure and coinCardano Development and ICOFounder of Cardano and Cardano teamWhat makes Cardano different from other cryptocurrencies?#1. Scalability#1.1. Transactions per second (tps)#1.2. Bandwidth#1.3. Data storage#2. Interoperability#3. SustainabilityHow to store ADA? Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, new cryptocurrencies spring up like mushrooms thanks to the innovative technology called the blockchain. Take […]

What’s the Difference Between Coin, Token and Protocol?

Quick Navigation What are cryptocurrencies?What’s a blockchain?What’s a protocol?What is the difference between coins and tokens?What are coins?What are tokens?Types of tokensDAPPs and smart contracts Cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin crashed in March. That’s not a big surprise. People see a lot of potentials in the emerging […]

Top 5 Alt Coins for Private Transactions

Quick Navigation #5 Verge#4 Zcash#3 PIVX#2 Dash #1 Monero  Bitcoin emerged on the market as an alternative to traditional payment methods, and its main selling point was anonymity and privacy. But as we started to get to know Bitcoin, we suddenly realized that wasn’t as anonymous as we thought it was. As you know, every […]

2019’s 5 Best hardware wallets

Quick Navigation What’s a Bitcoin wallet?Why do you need a wallet? Types of wallets and their pros and cons#1 Ledger Nano S#2 Trezor#3 KeepKey#4 BitLox#5 CoolBitXMy recommendation Looking back at 2017, it’s been a good year for digital currencies. Just take a look at the rising price of Bitcoin and all the new shiny digital altcoins, […]

What is Ripple?

Everyone knows about Bitcoin these days and wants to buy and trade it. However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. So, today we’re going to talk about another currency which appeared in the spotlight recently. That’s Ripple, whose value spiked after Japan and South Korean announced that they are thinking about adopting the Ripple protocol. […]

What are cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them?

Quick Navigation #1. What Are Cryptocurrencies?#2. Types Of Cryptocurrencies#3. How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies#4. How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies#​4.1. How to Buy Bitcoins#​4.2. Setting an Exchange Account#4.3 Buying Alternative Coins#​4.4. How to Find Profitable Cryptocurrency?#​5. Storing Your Coins Safely#6. Managing your Investments Have you heard this famous quote “If you don’t find a way […]

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