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Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical encryption

Have you ever wondered about symmetric and asymmetric encryption? Some of you probably have never heard these terms before, and that would not surprise me a bit.However, recently, people have questioned the security of personal information and data on the Internet. Debates are ongoing, but it’s crystal clear that both hackers and legitimate companies can […]

How do cookies work?

Have you ever wondered why you see ads from the shops you’ve visited in your Facebook newsfeed? The answer is cookies. No, we’re not talking about baked cookies, but the ones stored on our computers.You can’t have missed the fuss that Facebook or Google can use cookies to track your activity on the Net. I […]

What is IPFS?

Quick Navigation #1. What does IPFS stand for?#1.1. What are communication protocols? #1.2. Why the client-server model is not attractive anymore? #2. How does IPFS work?#2.1. How does content-based addressing function? #2.2. How does IPFS store files?#2.3. What is IPFS drawback?#3. What are the possible applications of IPFS? Can you imagine what your life would be without access […]

A Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent

Quick Navigation1. What is BitTorrent?2. How does it work?3. Is BitTorrent protocol legal? 4. How Are Torrents Special?5. How to Start Using BitTorrent?6. How to know if a torrent is safe?What do you do when you want to watch your favorite TV show on your laptop? You usually go to a torrent site and download it, […]

The 10 Best Torrent Clients

Quick NavigationWhat’s a torrent client?Are torrent clients illegal?Are torrent clients free? Top 10 Torrent Clients in 2020#1​ qBittorrent#2 Deluge#3 Vuze#4 Transmission #5 μTorrent#6 BitTorrent#7 HaliteBitTorrent Client  #8 Tixati#9 BiglyBT#10 BitCometCan you imagine waiting an hour or more to download a movie? No, right? Well, that’s because we have the BitTorrent protocol which made it possible […]

The 10 Best Torrent Sites

Quick NavigationAre Torrents illegal?Should I Use VPN for Torrenting?What’s the Difference between Private and Public Trackers?​Top 5 Torrent Sites#1 The P​​irate Bay#2 RARBG#3 1337X#4 YTS#5 Zooqle#6 Torrentz2#7 TorrentDownloads#8 EZTV#9 LimeTorrents#10 KATCR.COTorrents have been around for a while, and currently, torrent trackers are more popular than ever. During the years, many trackers appeared, gained a trusted community […]

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