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11 Best Privacy Apps for Android

Quick Navigation 1. ProtonVPN2. KYMS3. Hushed4. Signal Private Messenger5. DuckDuckGo6. ProtonMail7. LastPass Password Manager8. Authy’s two-factor authenticator9. Firefox Focus10. AppLock11. Find My Device Are you worried about your privacy when browsing the Internet? You are right to do so in light of the leaks and hackings of famous sites and social media.Hackers who possess your […]

ProtonMail Review: Free Secure Email Service on All Platforms

Gmail might be one of the most famous and widely used email providers, but it’s notorious for collecting all sorts of private information. It’s no wonder that you’re looking for a new email service that could keep your secrets and prevent intruders from reading your mail.That’s why, today, I’m going to review for you ProtonMail […]

5 Best Password Managers for Windows 10

Have you ever spent hours trying to remember a password you have forgotten? I know exactly how desperate you feel when you can’t recall the password for an important account.What’s more, sometimes it’s so hard keeping track of all these passwords that you inevitable forget which password for which account is.Fortunately, you don’t have to […]

Why is Public Wi-Fi Dangerous?

Quick NavigationIs Public Wi-Fi Really Dangerous?What can Hackers Steal Through Free Wi-Fi?Does the Green Lock Indicate a Safe Site?Can Hackers Mess up with the HTTPS protocol?Is a Password-Protect Public Wi-Fi Safe?How can You Protect Your Devices when Using Public Wi-Fi?Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is an important feature when you look for accommodations or places to have […]

9 Common Hacking Techniques Everybody Should Know

Quick Navigation New Types of Hackers Are Appearing#1 Phishing#2 Fake Wi-Fi#3 Bait-and-switch#4 Keylogger#5 Cookie Theft#6 Credential Stuffing#7 SQL Injection#8 IoT Hacking#9 DDoD AttacksThere Is Security in Awareness The good thing about hackers is they are non-discriminatory. Yes, everyone is included in their list of potential targets. If there is data to be had, from personal […]

How do Passwords Get Stolen?

Quick Navigation#1 Phishing#2 Tabnapping#3 Password recover#4 Playing the guessing gameWhat can you do to protect your password?Have you ever had your password stolen? Then you must have wondered how something so horrible could have happened and what mistake you had made.Most people imagine hackers relentlessly typing on a keyboard until they hack an account. Well, […]

How to Choose a Password?

Quick Navigation What do you need to choose a password?#1 Understand how sites store your password#2 Think about your password’s length#3 Get a password manager#4 Avoid common password mistakes Nowadays, hackers are always on the look-out for vulnerabilities or users’ mistakes so that they can hack accounts and steal information. The only thing that stands […]

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