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4 Best Secure Email Services for 2019

Quick NavigationWhat to look for in an email service?#1 Tutanota​#2 ProtonMail​#3 Mailfence#4 DisrootAre you worried about your email service and that somebody else is reading your mail?Well, that’s completely possible if you’re not using a secure email provider. And let me tell you, Gmail doesn’t fall into this category. Neither does Yahoo or Outlook.So, today […]

What is encryption?

Quick Navigation What is the history of encryption?What is encryption?How does encryption works?How do sites keep passwords protected? While you’ve been surfing the Web, you couldn’t have but noticed that some web addresses have a little padlock in the front. However, you might don’t understand what it means and what it does.The padlock shows that […]

What is the TOR browser?

Are you worried about your security and anonymity while browsing the Net? Then you’ve probably heard about Tor as one of the possible solutions to your problems.Some of you might think about the TOR browser as illegal because you’ve heard it’s used by criminals and those surfing the Dark Net. However, TOR is not something […]

How to Tell If Someone is Hacking Your Computer: 12 Signs to Uncover Hackers

Quick NavigationHow can a hacker get access to a computer/laptop?#1 Emails, containing malicious software.#2 Phishing emails#3 Vulnerabilities in the software#4 Public Wi-Fi#5 Injecting malware into data transmissions#6 Infected ads#7 Free softwareWhat do you need to protect your computer from hackers?​12 ​S​​​​igns ​How to ​Tell if ​Someone is ​Hacking ​Your ​Computer…#1 Antivirus program is turned off#2 […]

How to Find Out who Hacked Your Phone: 15 SIGNS to SPOT HACKERS

Quick NavigationHow does a hacker hack your phone?1. Someone takes possession of your mobile2. Public​ Wi-Fi3. Vulnerability in the phone network4. Phishing messages5. USB chargersWhat do you need to protect your phone?15 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked#1 Look for strange apps#2 Apps that aren’t working properly#3 Battery drains quickly#4 Slow performance#5 Hot phone#6 Strange […]

The 5 Best VPNs Service for Being Anonymous on the Net

Quick Navigation How to choose the best VPN services? Encryption protocols are essential for your security What’s the logging policy? Subscription and support Servers and speedsLook for extra features​​TOP PICKS# 1 2 Express VPN#4 NordVPN#5 IPVanishMy recommendation  In a world where global surveillance has reached unprecedented numbers in recent years, online privacy has become an issue for the […]

What’s a VPN?

If you are concerned with the amount of information your government can collect about your internet activity, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network is your tool to fight Internet censorship and protect your online identity. Quick NavigationWhy do we need a VPN? What’s a VPN and […]

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