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The Types Of Bitcoin Wallets And How To Choose Them

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(Last Updated On: February 25, 2022)

The first step towards turning into a bitcoin investor is buying bitcoin. This is a simple step, and one can do that without external help. However, what comes forward is keeping the bitcoins safe and protected. Just like you need a wallet to keep your money sorted, a bitcoin wallet helps you do the same with your digital currency.

For that, you have to choose between a hot wallet and a cold wallet. Alternatively, you can manage a combination of the two as well. Whatever you choose, you should be well aware of your future goal. Once you are clear about what you need to achieve from crypto trading, you will be able to make a better decision.

Cold Wallet VS Hot Wallet

The difference between cold and hot wallets is simply the connection with the internet. The hot wallet is directly connected to the internet, but the cold one is not.

Hence, one can say that being connected to the internet may make digital currency a bit vulnerable. This increases the chances of the funds getting stolen through cybercrime. However, it benefits from being extremely fast in its services.

On the other hand, the cold wallet is not connected to the internet. Hence, it is a bit more secure compared to the hot one. But it comes with that one issue everyone is wary of: it makes transactions quite slow and less convenient.

So, the question arises: which mode of coin storage should you go for?

Hot Wallets; The Real Connectivity

The hot wallets are web-based and are connected with the internet. They are also referred to as desktop wallets and mobile wallets. They are the most insecure ones, and the chances of cybercrime attacks on them are the highest.

The ease with which you can use the hot wallets is supreme! By having them, you can stay online at all times. There is no need to switch between the online and offline modes while using it and making any crypto transactions.

A cold wallet comes in handy when you need to make further cryptocurrency purchases or trade it. Going for the cold wallet won’t be the right thing to do if you are a frequent seller and purchaser. Every time you decide to make a purchase, you will have to use a gadget that would make the cold wallet work. For that, you would plug the cold wallet into the device, for instance, your computer, and then do the currency transaction.

Cold Wallets; The Real Safety

The cold ones are pretty well-protected and highly secure compared to the hot wallets. If someone wants to steal your currency, he will have to do so physically as access to it. This is because the cold wallets are mostly hardware ones, with the appearance of a USB.

The stealing of the currency from a cold wallet further gets complicated because one needs the password/PIN associated with the wallet. Hence, it can be said that if you store your currency in cold wallets, cybercriminals may not ever be able to get their hands on it.

Taking The Right Decision

When choosing between the hot and cold wallet, you are bound to get confused. Hence, the best way out is to select BOTH.

Yes, you read that right. Going for a combination of hot and cold wallets will give you the advantages of both. This will provide you with the security offered by the cold wallet and the ease of accessibility provided by the hot wallet.

This option will also offer you wallets in various versions, including mobile and hardware. You will also have an exchange account to manage your transactions. Furthermore, buying or selling a home with Bitcoin is now made possible making it stress-free to complete the transactions.


Once you get your hands on bitcoin, it is time to secure them no matter how many they are. For that matter, using a wallet is the best option to go for. It will make the transactions easy, and you will manage them efficiently. A combination of hot and cold wallets will ensure that you stay away from all cybercrimes, and every action you take gets done swiftly.

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