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Things to Consider While Buying a MacBook for Student

Things to Consider While Buying a MacBook for Student
(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

So, you are all set for the new session, and that’s the time when you might be thinking of buying a new computer for yourself. So if you have decided to buy a MacBook, there are few things that you must consider to get a good deal. 

Screen Size & Portability Are Key Enablers

Since you are a student, it means you have to do quite a lot of assignments on your laptop. Also, you have to carry your device along to the school or college, as well as wherever you go. Your first point of consideration should be the screen size. 

Apple laptops lineup includes MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and both come with unique variants that further offer incredible features. According to https://setapp.com/, there are a dozen macOS versions launched so far. Ideally, your MacBook should have the latest installed on it. 

You can pick a 13.3 inches screen, or you may go with a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Although a 16-inch screen size can be good for the eyes, 13.3 inches is more handy and portable. Keep in mind that the screen size influences the weight of the device, which further affects the portability. 

MacBook models are lighter in size, but some are heavier than their counterparts, and this can influence your buying decision. Carrying a 2.8 pound MacBook Air would be more convenient than carrying a 16-inches MacBook Pro that weighs around 4.3 pounds. 

Processor Speed Is a Great Player

The new MacBook Pro models won’t allow you to upgrade specifications, so it’s advisable to pick a higher processor that you can afford. However, the tasks that you are going to handle on your laptop will let you decide the appropriate one with the correct Processor speed.

Having said that, if you will be using your new MacBook for writing notes, doing assignments, and browsing the web, an optimal processing speed can let you do these tasks smoothly. 

But if you are pursuing a course in graphic designing or a similar field, you should look for a higher Processor. If your work involves dealing with high-volume files and resource-heavy applications, a good processing speed is vital for uninterrupted functionality. 

Storage Has to Be Optimal

Cloud Computing has considerably reduced the need for having higher storage in the past few years. But that doesn’t mean you can buy anything available at a lower price. That way, you will have to constantly delete items to make more storage space for other data items. 

Go for at least 256 GB to store your files, folders, applications, and other data without worrying about storage consumption. Anything higher than that would be great if you are using your laptop for high-computing tasks. 

You can buy an external hard drive to archive data and keep it handy. Alternatively, you can set up Cloud drive for more storage options. Sign up to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive to get more storage at reasonable pricing packages. 

Buy AppleCare+

While buying a MacBook, this has to be on your priority list for a better user experience. Since you will be carrying your device to your study institution for the whole week, you must ensure that you don’t have to spend hugely if anything goes wrong. 

Buying a MacBook is expensive, and repairing it or replacing parts will only disturb your budget. All Apple laptops come with 1 year of warranty that covers hardware repair; however, buying AppleCare+ will extend this hardware repair coverage to three years.

Apple allows you to buy AppleCare+ at the time of purchase or anytime during the first year. So, if anything adverse happens to your device, you can afford to repair the device without spending anything extravagantly. 

Some Productivity Tips for Your New MacBook

Buy a Laptop Case: MacBooks are fragile, and it’s your responsibility to keep your laptop in the finest condition. Purchase a high-quality laptop case for your device to give it the protection it deserves. Moreover, a laptop case will keep your smart devices organized and scratch-free.

Clear System Cache: When you browse through the internet regularly, your system stores several data and other contents in temporary storage, which is called cache. Clear cache on a regular basis to clean storage and keep your system running. It will also help you store other important data on the drive. 

Backup Your Data: This is something that you must do without fail. Since you are a student, there should be hundreds of files and dozens of assignments stored on your computer. These files are important as you might be needing them during examinations. Set up Time Machine to backup data to external storage drives. 

Install Anti-Virus Application: If you wish to keep your MacBook up and running for a longer duration, install a reliable anti-virus application. It will add a security layer to your system and its data while protecting it from security threats.

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