The Five Best Torrent Clients

best torrent clients

Can you imagine waiting an hour or more to download a movie? No, right? Well, that’s because we have the BitTorrent protocol which made it possible to share large files between Internet users fast and easy.

To use the BitTorrent protocol, you need a torrent client. But how to choose one? It’s not a hard task for people already familiar with torrents, torrent trackers, and torrent clients, but a beginner might get confused by all the options. Or you might not be satisfied with your current torrent client, and you want to know which your best options are.

That’s why I’m here. I’m going to talk about the five best torrent clients which will make downloading torrents easy for you. But first, let’s make a couple of things clear.

What’s a torrent client?

A torrent client is a software application – a program, which you have to download from the Internet and then install on your device. The torrent client executes the BitTorrent protocol, connects to the torrent tracker, and allows you to download or upload files. Usually, torrent clients support most operating system, but you’d better check the description.

Are torrent clients illegal?

Having a torrent client on your laptop is completely legal. No one can accuse you of pirating just because you have installed a torrent client. There are legal torrent trackers, which host free content or one with expired copyrights. Moreover, you can use torrents to distribute your original content.

However, if you’re using it to download or upload copyrighted content, you can get in trouble with the authorities or your Internet provider. So remember to use a VPN to hide your Internet traffic if you plan on downloading movies or song.

Are torrent clients free?

Most torrent clients are free, and you don’t have to pay anything to download them. If you stumble on a site which asks you to pay for installing a torrent client, it’s probably a scam. However, some torrent clients have a premium membership which offers you some perks like ads-free experience or malware protection.

One friendly advice. Pay close attention throughout the installation process, because some torrent clients might install additional software on your computer. Never click “Next” without reading what you’re agreeing to.

Now, let’s see which the best torrent clients in 2018 are.

#1​ qBittorrent


qBittorrent with its clean, user-friendly design takes the rightful first place on our list. Available for multiple operating systems, qBittorrent is fast, easy to use, and has nice features. And it’s all free, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a simple torrent client, which won’t gobble up a lot of your CPU and RAM

You’ll probably get a sense of déjà vu the first time you run qBittorrent on your device. The interface is very similar to the old μTorrent, which is great because it will be easy for you to make the transition. And if you’re now to torrenting, there is no chance of getting confused with this simple design.

Among its notable features are:

  • ​integrated torrent search engine
  • ​IP filtering
  • ​Remote control
  • RSS manager
  • advanced controls
  • bandwidth scheduler
  • torrent files creating
  • torrent prioritization
  • Supports IPv6

Another great thing about qBittorrent is that its open-source software, which means that anyone can expand it and upgrade its features. It’s also completely free from advertisements, and it won’t ask you to install additional software during installation. And you don’t have to pay for add-ons or premium features.

Currently, qBittorrent one of the best choice if you’re looking for something like μTorrent but without the advertisements. It doesn’t have as many add-ons or extension as μTorrent, but it’s an excellent choice if you don’t want to pay for extras.

#2 Deluge


At first, Deluge might seem too simple for some experienced Internet torrent users, but it offers you fast speed, user-friendly interface, and quick installation. Deluge is available for multiple platforms, and it’s a free program with no premium features to unlock.

Just like qBittorrent, Deluge is an open-source software which means no ads will bother you when you run the application. What’s more, the design is very similar to uTorrernt and qBittorrent, so if you have experience with them, you won’t have a problem with Deluge.

What’s great about Deluge is that multiple plugins are available for free. You can choose official or third-party ones, including a plugin for Firefox and Chrome. You can download as many or as few of them as you want and customize Deluge to your liking. However, this makes it a little complicated for beginners to torrent clients. 

Even if you don’t install any plugins, you still have the basic torrent features necessary for day-to-day downloading so that you won’t be disappointed.

#3 Vuze


Vuze, known previously as Azureus, is another easy to use torrent client with a great interface and excellent features. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and it’s an excellent choice for those of you looking for a powerful torrent client.

If Vuze seems too complicated to you at first glance, don’t worry. This torrent client has three settings – beginner, intermediate, and advance so that you can customize it to your level of experience. And there is helpful information available if you don’t know what some of its features are.

You can also have multiple plugins at your disposal, which you might use to upgrade the torrent client to your liking. For the more advanced users, you have proxy usage, meta-search, remote control vies a Web, media conversion, and more. What’s also great is that Vuze supports Tor, if you are worried about your security and privacy. 

However, Vuze offers you to install additional software during the installation process (you can opt out), and it has advertisements. But it’s one of the best torrent clients for experienced users.

And if you don’t like ads, Vuze has a paid version. Vuze+ has built-in antivirus protection, no ads, and the option to play media while downloading.

#4 Transmission


If you’re using Mac or Linux, you’ve probably heard about Transmission. Well, now this torrent client is finally available for Windows. So, we can’t but include it among the best torrent clients with its clean design and minimum memory footprint.

Transmission is an open-source program, and anyone can review the code. You don’t have to pay to unlock any special features or get rid of annoying advertisements, and there are no software offers during installation. What’s more, Transmission is easy to use and has all the basic torrent client features you might need like encryption, peer exchange, magnet links, speed limits and more.

The interface shares a lot of similarities with other torrent clients, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting the hang of it.

#5 μTorrent


There was a time when μTorrent would have been on top of my list. Sadly, many things had changed for this tiny torrent client created in 2005, which went from open-source to close source when BitTorrent purchased it. But despite its few cons, it’s still one of the best torrent clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile.

What makes μTorrent popular is the user-friendly design, the fast speed, and its small size. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much of your RAM so downloading large files is not going to slow down your computer’s performance. And its free version still has some excellent features like an RSS manager, scheduled downloads, and uploading/downloading limits.

But during the years, μTorrent lost some of its users’ trust. First, it was the bundled software in the installation packed, then too many advertisements within the application, and finally the scandal with Epic Scale, a software which mined Litecoin using the users’ computers. 

According to μTorrent, people could opt out and not install Epic Scale, but many reported that this was not the case and that they installed it without knowing what it was. Since then, μTorrent has removed Epic Scale, but some people still feel betrayed.

The conclusion is that μTorrent continues to be one of the most widely used torrent clients. However, its new versions are not as appealing as it used to be, especially when we have new contenders on the scene.

Finally, always remember to download your torrent client from the developer’s website to avoid software infected with malware. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different torrent clients until you find the one that you like the most.

What do you think about these best torrent clients? Have you got anything to add to our list? Share it with us in the comments.

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